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Beautiful split refractory logs over deep glowing ember beds highlight Vanguard’s B-Vent fireplace offerings. These elegant fireplaces are available in three lines: Value, Performance and Premium.

The Value and Performance lines are available in 32-inch models. The Premium line is offered in 36-inch and 42-inch models. All offer the flexibility of accessing the gas controls through either the lower face panel or refractory floor, to allow installation of a full face surround.The 15,000 Btu Value line comes with a 4-inch venting system.The Performance line features 25,000 Btu with a 5-inch ventingsystem and the Premium line delivers up to 45,000 Btu with a6-inch venting system.All models are available with hidden screen pockets, refractory brick floor and remote ready millivolt ignition. Additionally Vanguard’s Premium line of B-Vent fireplaces feature a built-in flue damper which reduces home heat loss when the fireplace is not in use.