Partition Walls

Royal is proud of our large line of Sectional Walls and Partitions:

You will find Royal overhead door installed partition walls installed in the finest hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms, schools, religious buildings, convention centers and corporate facilities. Our history of quality, reliability, innovation and service to the industry is the reason architects, contractors and engineers routinely look to Royal overhead Door for operable partitions.

Whether you need new partitions to create more flexibility in your facility, or you need to repair, retrofit, or refurbish existing movable walls, contact Royal Overhead door. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the best folding walls for your particular need.


Operable Walls
Glass Wall
Movable Glass Panels

Aluminum Bi-fold
Exterior Doors

Unispan® - Self-Support System
FlexTact™ Tactical Training Movable Walls

Accordion Firewalls